Jose Laya


Sylvia Sánchez


Adrian Soliard

Adrian started to using Linux in 2005, he used a lot of distros at that time and finally in 2011 he started using Fedora, finding he was looking for, after a time using the distro, he decided to contribute to the project since 2012. At 2014 he graduates as programmer technician, He started  a bachelor in information system, but due to force majeure , he decided to leave their studies to start to working, right now he is thinking to start over the bachelor, he ever has stopped to get training, attends conferences, courses, and capacitation

Eduardo Mayorga

Eduardo is a college student reading electronic engineering. He contributes to the documentation team and is a packager sponsor.

Alex Oviedo Solis


Bernardo Hermitaño

Fedora Ambassador, teaching profession, fedora employment in all my activities in the classroom, in the institutions where I work we promote FLOSS, I was part of the community since 2013.

Gonzalo Nina


Athos Ribeiro

Brazilian software engineer and Free Software advocate, Athos is a Fedora packager, ambassador and contributes to the project infrastructure. Among his interests are QA, static analysis and reliability engineering.

Eduardo Echeverria

Eduardo is a Senior Backend Developer at Torre Technologies Co. Also, he is an active contributor at Fedora Project since 2012 and involved in several groups within the project such as Infrastructure, packaging, ambassadors and translations teams.

He is interested in Docker, Python, OpenStack and loves to coding.

Yohan Graterol


Wolnei Junior

Wolnei is part of the Fedora Project since 2008 and regularly he is involved in promotion art, marketing stuff, and  encourages to other to use Fedora, helps in forums and contributes to QA team.

Kiara Navarro


Itamar Reis Peixoto


Abdel G. Martínez L.


Luis Bazan


José A. Reyes H.