Martin Vuelta


Junior Wolnei

Wolnei is part of the Fedora Project since 2008 and regularly he is involved in promotion art, marketing stuff, and  encourages to other to use Fedora, helps in forums and contributes to QA team.

Kiara Navarro

Geeky electronic-telecommunication engineer passionate about Linux / GNU and Embedded Systems. She is part of the website team and packager in Fedora. 

Eduardo Echeverria

Eduardo is a Senior Backend Developer at Torre Technologies Co. Also, he is an active contributor at Fedora Project since 2012 and involved in several groups within the project such as Infrastructure, packaging, ambassadors and translations teams.

He is interested in Docker, Python, OpenStack and loves to coding.

Antonio Salles

Antonio is a Computer Engineer and expert in Open Source solutions for infrastructure and Cloud Computing, with certifications RHCSA, RHCE, RHCDS, RHCVA and RHCX. At least 15 years of experience in Linux+Unix system administration and technical project management, 8 of them in Red Hat Inc, always proposing low cost and cutting-edge solutions, as far as possible excluding any dependence and use of proprietary software licenses. Currently working in a Technical Lead role at Cautiva Technology, an Open Source solutions company.

Freddy Condori Chavez

GNU/Linux user since 2008,  BoliviaOS it was first distribution he used. Informatic student, activist of Free Software Bolivia and member of the equipment  Ambassador Fedora.

David Zeledon

David works as Technology Specialist in Nicaragua Christian Academy - Matagalpa, Nicaragua, and have used Linux from 2014 in Education. He is one of the three leaders of RedProCom which is a community of teachers interested in Technology and Education perspectives, and also member of the Nicaragua Open Source Community promoting Raspberry Pi in Education, and working with different projects to integrate technology in the classrooms.

Jose Laya

Senior Frontend Developer at Torre Technologies Co. Open Source Contributor. He is interested in Docker, Javascript and Functional Programming.

Sylvia Sánchez

She's a long time Linux user who started with Guadalinex  (Spanish distribution, based on Debian) some 10 years ago, and went through almost all Linux flavours until reaching Fedora. 

She's contributing to the Fedora Magazine and in the Globalisation Team.  

She also translates different texts  (like books and articles)  and websites.  Also writes technical articles on her own WordPress and fiction stories from time to time.  

Besides this, she paints and draws and is applying for the Design Team in Fedora.  

All her work is done in Fedora and with Open Source programmes.

Adrian Soliard

Adrian started to using Linux in 2005, he used a lot of distros at that time and finally in 2011 he started using Fedora, finding he was looking for, after a time using the distro, he decided to contribute to the project since 2012. At 2014 he graduates as programmer technician, He started  a bachelor in information system, but due to force majeure , he decided to leave their studies to start to working, right now he is thinking to start over the bachelor, he ever has stopped to get training, attends conferences, courses, and capacitation

Eduardo Mayorga

Eduardo is a college student reading electronic engineering. He contributes to the documentation team and is a packager sponsor.

Alex Oviedo Solis

Alex Irmel Oviedo Solis is Engineer in Computer Science and Systems from National University of San Antonio Abad of Cusco. He is Linux user since 2003 and Free Software activist from the same year. He developed his undergraduate thesis as a PoC of cloud computing with Openstack and Openshift. Part of FUDCon Cusco 2013 organizing team. He was working as System administrator and networking in Cusco Regional Goverment with Linux and Windows Servers.

Bernardo Hermitaño

Fedora Ambassador, teaching profession, fedora employment in all my activities in the classroom, in the institutions where I work we promote FLOSS, I was part of the community since 2013.

Gonzalo Nina

Gonzalo is a specialist in cybersecurity, working with different security groups in Bolivia a large part of the work experience is based on free software, is currently Fedora ambassador in Bolivia.

Athos Ribeiro

Brazilian software engineer and Free Software advocate, Athos is a Fedora packager, ambassador and contributes to the project infrastructure. Among his interests are QA, static analysis and reliability engineering.

Julita Inca Chiroque

System Engineering UNAC and Master in Computer Science PUCP. Member of the GNOME Foundation and Ambassador of FEDORA Peru since 2012. Have worked as Linux Administrator in GMD and IT Specialist in IBM Peru. RHCE, RHCSA and ITILv3. Teaching experiences in universities such as PUCP,  USIL and UNI. Current researcher in the HPC & Big Data and part of the WHPC (Women in High Performance Computing).

Yohan Graterol

Technical Team Leader at @Platzi (YC startup) • Open Source contributor.

Jose Luis Castillo

Professor of Mathematics and Computer, currently works as Coordinator of Innovation and pedagogical support for in a school, I installed LSTP server in distribution Ubuntu in a school, recover old machines. 
Working One year using Fedora distribution and the programs of free software.